A Report On The Situation Of Karoon Prison In Ahvaz

HRANA News Agency – The following report is on the situation of Karoon prison in Ahvaz, followed with a list of some of its prisoners of conscience, which is still being completed.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Karoon prison is located in Sepidar area and hosts about 4500 inmates. 
Karoon prison is divided into 12 wards the largest of them being ward 5, belongs to prisoners who use Methadone, this ward contains 15 rooms and is hosting about 1200 inmates.
The smallest ward is ward 2, the services and maintenance ward, this ward hosts about 100 inmates and belongs to inmates who work in maintenance and services of prison.
This prison lacks any educational, sanitarian and sport facilities, farther more the head of prison and the intelligence of the prison have banned the delivery of any book, newspaper and magazine for the inmates.
The rooms in each ward are small and contain few triple bunk beds, and due to high number of inmates, there are prisoners sleeping on the floors in all the rooms. The number of prisoners of each room is about 3 times the capacity of the room, as a result many of the inmates have to sleep on the floors of the rooms, corridors and common areas.
In addition tens of prisoners of conscious and security prisoners are kept in ward 8, this ward contains 6 rooms and each room contains a triple bunk bed, rooms 3, 4 and 6 belong to prisoners of conscious and the rest of the rooms belong to ordinary prisoners.
The prison clinic has only one room and a doctor present, which in general is not sanitary and is offensive towards the prisoners and even would physically punish them, this has resulted in only emergency visits to the clinic by the inmates.
Ward 8 of Karoon prison is under the direct supervision of prison’s intelligence office, which has banned the holding of any public meetings and classes between the political prisoners, this ward is deprived of any educational and sport facilities.
The Sunni prisoners are prevented from religious meetings and gatherings, they are also banned from receiving any books.
There is a telephone booth available in these wards, but it is located in the security office and prisoners are only allowed to make calls in the presence of a guard.
The prison washrooms are extremely unpleasant and are of poor quality, besides in the cause of any damage to the faucets, pipes, garbage bin, etc., the prisoners are responsible for the costs to fix or replace parts, otherwise there will be no action taken by the prison towards fixing or replacing the parts.
There is plenty of drugs available in the prison. Due to over population of the wards, especially wards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 which have small indoor areas, inmates have to sleep outdoor in the yard despite the weather conditions and temperatures.
It’s worth mentioning that after the publication of a letter about the atrocious state of this prison by Zia Nabavi, a former prisoner in Karoon prison of Ahvaz, the political and security prisoners were transferred to a different prison but were brought back again after a short time.
The authorities of the state’s prisons organization have said that they are shutting down and moving the Karoon prison of Ahvaz.
Below is a List of the names and sentences of some of the political and security prisoners at the Karoon prison of Ahvaz, which is still being completed.
Nazem Bahreini, life sentence.
Abdul-Zahra Halichi, life sentence.
Abdul-Imam Zayeri, life sentence.
Yahya Naseri, life sentence.
Seyed Mokhtar Alboshoka, life sentence.
Seyed Jaber Alboshoka, life sentence.
Mohammed-Ali Amouri, life sentence.
Hassan Abyat, death.
Jalil Savaedi, death.
Jasem savaedi, death.
Khaled Abidavi, death.
Reza Rafi-Pour, death.
Kazem Khosh-Namak, 10 years custodial sentence and exile.
Seyed Zia Moradi-Pour, 10 years custodial sentence.
Mohsen Hashemi, 15 years custodial sentence.
Amir Moavi, 30 years custodial sentence.
Sakhi Rigi, 20 years custodial Sentence.
Masood Daghaghele, unknown.

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