Reza Shahabi is denied medical furlough

HRANA News Agency – Although the doctors have recommended Reza Shahabi to be under hydrotherapy and physiotherapy the authorities do not allow him to go on a medical furlough.


This labor rights activist’s wife told to HRANA: “Reza Shahabi was moved to Tajrish hospital on Wednesday October 2nd and was returned to prison afterwards. The doctors recommended him not to be operated now.”


“He was transferred to Khomeini hospital on September 14th and after taking the M.R.I. the doctors said he must be operated but since he is in critical condition he’d better to be under hydrotherapy and physiotherapy.” She added.


She also said: “We have asked for medical furlough for Reza but the authorities do not agree.”


Reza Shahabi, the labors rights activist and the board member of the Syndicate of Tehran bus drivers has been sentenced to 4 years in prison, 5 years privation of syndicate activities and 70 million Rials of surcharge by the Tehran appeal court.

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