Saeid Shirzad Faces New Charges in a Court without His Lawyer

HRANA News Agency – The court session of Saeid Shirzad was conducted, while his lawyer could not attend the session, because he was not informed.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Saeid Shirzad, children’s rights activist, was transferred to branch number 15 of the revolutionary court, early last week, without any notice and after he found out that his lawyer would not be available, he refused to sign the court proceeding and left the court without any defense.

A close source to him told HRANA’s reporter, “Saeid was refusing from attending the court session in protest to handcuff and shackle, this time they accepted not to use them, but did not inform his lawyer, Mr. Davoodi, and Saeid did not sign the court proceeding and left the court”.

Also in this session, a new charge of “disrupting the public order by chanting unusual slogans” was added to his previous charges.

Saeid Shirzad was arrested in his workplace in Tabriz refinery during last June and five days later prosecuted on June 7, 2014. His allegations were propaganda against the regime and acts against the national security. First he was transferred to Evin prison, and after a while, despite not being tried, was exiled to Rajaei Shahr prion.

Saeid Shirzad first was arrested in August 2012, when he went to Ahar for helping people who have had difficulties because of the earthquake of Azerbaijan. He was released on bail, after 19 days.

This children’s rights activist who was helping child workers and also with the educational issues of children of political prisoners, is currently kept in ward number one of Rajaei Shahr prison, with non-political and even dangerous prisoners.

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