Saeid Shirzad is still under detention after 5 months

HRANA News Agency – Saeid Shirzad is still under detention after 5 months with no court verdict.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Saeid Shirzad who was arrested on 2nd June at his work place in Tabriz refinery and was transferred to Tehran is still held in suspense in prison.

Saeid Shirzad’s case was sent to Revolutionary Court in October after the indictment was issued, but, no branches have been specified for handling his case yet.

In this regard, one of his relatives told HRANA’s reporter: “Saeid Shirzad has more than 7 years experience of cooperation and working in 3 valid and legal groups of children’s rights activists, but security forces tried to accuse him with relationship with the opposition groups.”

The source explained, “This is a scheme allegation because Saied helped and supported a number of political prisoners’ family, a charge that Saeid denies it.”

That is to say, Saeid Shirzad was arrested for the first time in 2012 on 22nd August, when he had gone to East Azerbaijan to rescue and relief the people who were affected by earthquake in Ahar and after spending 19 days in jail was released on bail.

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