Saman Naseem Examined by Forensic to Verify His Age

HRANA News Agency – Saman Naseem, death row juvenile offender in Uremia prison was transferred to the court for verification of his age at the time of arrest. The examination was conducted by forensic officers but no result has been publicized yet.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Saman Naseem, death row juvenile offender, who is imprisoned in ward number 12 of central prison of Uremia was transferred to the revolutionary court of Uremia in order to be examined regarding his age at the time arrest, by presence of judge and forensic officers on June 1, 2017, even though he had previously been examined and it had been confirmed by the forensic that he was under 18 at the time of the alleged crime.

A close source to Mr. Naseem told HRANA’s reporter, “Saman Naseem was transferred to the revolutionary court of Uremia court by presence of presiding judge, to be examined by few physicians for verification of his mental growth, at the time of the alleged crime”.

This source continued, “during the examination he got naked above the belly, his arms were examined and those kind of things, but the presiding judge did not ask any question and they did not say anything and just returned him to prison”.

HRANA had previously reported that Saman Naseem had been examined by forensic officers and they had confirmed his mental growth at the time of the alleged crime was under 18. This report was sent to the presiding judge.

In October 2016 HRANA reported that this juvenile offender had been summoned to the court and was questioned there. Close sources to this prisoner had reported about the letter of head of judiciary to stop of the execution order. But local security authorities insisted and intervened and demanded this sentence to be executed.

Need to be mentioned, prison authorities in Uremia prison summoned four death row prisoners including Saman Naseem in April 2016, Mohammad Abdullahi, and two others prisoners and warned them that due to new regulations administered by prison bureau, and Uremia judiciary, and certainty of their sentences, there was not much left until their executions.

Saman Naseem, born on December 8, 1993, was arrested in 2013 while he was 17 years old and sentenced to death on charge of Muharebeh by using fire weapons and membership in one of opposition Kurdish parties in Mahabad revolutionary court, which was eventually confirmed in the Supreme Court.

Saman Naseem did not have access to a lawyer during the investigation. He has stated that he was tortured all the time during the interrogations; those tortures included pulling out his nails and being hanged upside down for few hours.

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