Sepideh Rashnu Faces Arraignment at Evin Courthouse

Sepideh Rashnu Faces Arraignment at Evin Courthouse

Sepideh Rashnu, a student who has been vocal about her opposition to compulsory hijab, was arraigned at Evin Courthouse and subsequently released on bail.

Rashnu faces charges of “provoking promiscuity and engaging in propaganda against the regime.” Following her arraignment, she was briefly held in Ward 209 of Evin Prison before being released upon posting a one-billion bail. However, she is now prohibited from leaving Tehran.

Speaking about the accusations, Rashnu clarified, “Merely sharing a few photos of myself without a headscarf on my personal page does not justify their claims of promoting promiscuity and immodesty. Nor does it imply an association with everyone I follow on social media.”

This is not the first instance where Rashnu has encountered legal troubles due to her refusal to comply with hijab rules. She had previously received a two-semester suspension from the university. Furthermore, on July 16, she was arrested by security forces following an altercation on a city bus, during which she was harassed and physically assaulted by a woman who deemed her hijab improper.

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