Several Arrested in Isfahan by IRGC Intelligence

Several Citizens Arrested By IRGC's Intelligence Unit in Isfahan

Several citizens have reportedly been arrested by an IRGC Intelligence unit in Isfahan.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting IRNA, a spokesperson for the IRGC’S Intelligence unit in Isfahan City, known as Sahib al-Zaman IRGC, announced that several members of an “anti-revolutionary group” have been arrested.

“The members of this anti-revolutionary group aimed to act against national security both on social media and in public,” the IRGC’s public relations spokesperson claimed. “These acts include spreading anti-regime tracts on streets to call for protest and unrest, agitating and hiring thugs for their own purposes, planning to disturb public order and security, sabotage and causing chaos and unrest all over the province.”

This report does not reveal the identity and whereabouts of the detainees.

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