Shahrokh Zamani and Khaled Hardani are on hunger strike

HRANA News Agency – Two political prisoners, Shahrokh Zamani and Khaled Hardani, are on hunger strike in Rajai Shahr Prison.  After security forces destroyed the houses of seven Arab families in Shelang Abad, Ahwaz, with bulldozers, Zamani and Hardani began their hunger strike on Saturday, May 18, 2013, to protest the attacks.
According to a report by the Committee to Defend Shahrokh Zamani, these two political prisoners seek to attract the attention of Iranian and international organizations in order to gain support for the victims of the attacks.
Prior to destroying the houses, security forces didn’t permit the families to remove their personal belongings from their homes.  All of the families are currently living in tents nearby without access to basic living essentials.

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