A Short Report about the Situation of Sunni Prisoners in Rajaei Shahr Prison

HRANA News Agency – There are more than 70 Sunni prisoners kept in Rajaei Shahr prison with political-security charges, 42 of whom are imprisoned with the sentences between 5 to 20 years and are being kept in hall number 21 of ward number 7, and at least 30 prisoners with death sentences who are kept in hall number 10 of ward 4 of the prison.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), more than 70 Sunni prisoners are kept in Rajaei Shahr prison with security and political allegations and have received their sentences under sacrilege charge. These prisoners are usually residents of western parts of Iran and are kept kilometers far from their hometown.
No pardon or parole has been applied to any of these prisoners, and none of them even with a short-term sentence has received furlough, even for once.
These prisoners are struggling with even more difficulties compared to other prisoners. In last reported case to HRANA, “it is months that a father with the name of Teymoor Naderizadeh and his son have been separated and they do not have permission to visit each other”. All of the Sunni prisoners of Rajaei Shahr are residents of western parts of the country. For example Sanandaj with a distance of 520 km to Karaj is among the closest cities, and their families after traveling this distance are allowed to have a 20-minutes-long visit in a month.
These prisoners are followers of different Sunni faiths, but the judiciary have charged them with allegations like acts against the national security, propaganda against the regime, membership in Salafi groups, Sacrilege and blasphemy, and no details of their cases have been publicized.
Most of these prisoners were arrested during a period from 2009 to 2011 in Kurdistan by the intelligence service and revolutionary guard corps, and were kept in solitary confinements for months. They did not have access to a lawyer. It is a concern that they have been tortured or harassed before their trial.
According to the information provided to HRANA, most of these prisoners rejected the allegation of participation in armed fight or bombing and said that they had been arrested for attending in religious sessions or spreading articles with religious contents.
Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General, expressed his concern about the condition of Sunni prisoners in Iran, in his last report about the violations of Human Rights in Iran, and specifically named Shahram Ahmadi.
He said, “Shahram Ahmadi is a Sunni activist who was distributing religious articles and books. He has been sentenced to death on charge of cooperation with a group that was responsible for the terror of Mohammad Shaykh-al-Islam the Imam of Sanandaj”.
Need to be mentioned, at least one prisoner with the name of Barzan Nasrollah Zadeh was under 18 when he was arrested.
The names of some of Sunni prisoners of hall number 21 of ward number 7 of Rajaei Shahr prison, who mostly have sentences between 5 to 20 years is as following:
Khosro Sharafipoor, Borhan Asgharian, Kambiz Abbasi, Saleh Adeli, Hiva Osmanii, Esmaeil Boukani, Foad Babayi, Firuz Hamidi, Anvar Khazra, Davood Abdullahi, Ali Karami, Farhad Salimi, Jamshid Pirooti, Shouresh Ayneh Boukani, Soliman Pirouti, Amin Taleshi, Kamran Eraghi, Moslem Kourdi, Namegh Deldel, Ghasem Abesteh, Khosro Besharat, Kamran Shaikheh, Osman Ghodrat, Farzad Hossaini, Yaser Sharghipoor, Vahed Sharafipoor, Erfan Naderizadeh, Rahmat Khoshkhah, Shouresh Karabkar and Vali Hassan Shovilan.
The names of 27 Sunni prisoners on death row whose sentences have been confirmed by the Supreme Court and currently are kept in hall number 10 of ward number 4 are:
Kaveh Vaisi, Berooz Shanazari, Taleb Maleki, Shahram Ahmadi, Kaveh Shahrifi, Arash Sharifi, Varia Ghaderifard, Kayvan Momenifard, Barzan Nasrollahzadeh, Alem Barmashti, Pouria Mohammadi, Ahmad Nasiri, Idris Nemati, Farzad Honarjoo, Seyed Shahoo Ibrahimi, ohammad Yavar Rahimi, Bahman Rahimi, Mokhtar Rahimi, Mohammad Gharibi, Farshid Naseri, Mohammad Kayvan Karimi, Amjad Salehi, Omid Payvand, Ali Mojahedi, Hekmat Sharifi, Omar Abdoullahi and Omid Mahmoodi.

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