Siamak Amini Sentenced to Imprisonment on Political Charges

Siamak Amini Sentenced to Imprisonment on Political Charges

The Revolutionary Court of Tehran has sentenced Siamak Amini to four years and three months in prison, along with a two-year travel ban and additional penalties.

The verdict, issued on May 8, 2024, by Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court, sentences 63-year-old Amini to three years and seven months for “assembly and collusion to undermine national security” and eight months for “spreading propaganda against the regime.” The detention period will be subtracted from his prison term. Additionally, Amini is banned from leaving the country, joining civil/political groups, and using smartphones for two years.

His support of the nationwide protests in 2022 on social media and association with anti-regime groups have been cited as the basis for these charges.

If the verdict is upheld on appeal, according to Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code—which dictates that in cases of multiple charges, the harshest punishment shall be enforced—he will spend three years and seven months in prison.

Confirming Amini’s conviction, a source close to his family informed HRANA that at the beginning of last winter, IRGC intelligence agents raided his residence, conducted a search, and confiscated some of his personal items. He was then interrogated three times and ultimately released on bail of 500 million tomans, approximately $10,000. Amini suffers from an inflammatory disorder known as Behcet’s syndrome, which makes incarceration particularly challenging for him.

Siamak Amini, a resident of Tehran, is married and was previously incarcerated for five years in the 1980s as a political prisoner.

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