Sina Qalandari Acquitted in the Court of Appeal

HRANA News Agency – Sina Qalandari, 30-year-old journalist from Kuhdasht who had been sentenced to two years imprisonment, due to releasing information regarding  the elections in the region, which was “in his absence  in the courtroom” and without having the opportunity to defend himself was acquitted in the appeal court. While this citizen is in an undecided condition in another case with the theme of “setting the regional forest on fire” based on a complaint by Natural Resources Department, head of this department has raised a new complaint to the governor, regarding this journalist’s letter to the Province Governor.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), in October last year, Sina Qalandari, journalist from Kuhdasht, was sentenced by Branch 3 of the Criminal Court in Lorestan province, to three years imprisonment of sixth grade.

This Journalist’s charge in this case had been mentioned as: “spreading lies by computer systems in cyberspace”. The warrant was issued while he was not present in the court.

Later on, an appeal court was held due to his objection and Mr. Qalandari was acquitted based on this court’s decision.

Sina Qalandari has another case with the theme of “setting regional forest on fire”, based on the complaint by the Natural Resources Department, but the status of the case is still pending.

He was arrested after being summoned to investigation office, but because of severe weakness and illnesses, he was taken to the hospital on August 30, 2016, and the next day was released temporarily on the bail, but he was still in the hospital. Mr. Qalandari was acquitted during the investigation by the interrogator, but due to unknown reasons, the prosecutor had issued his temporary detention order.

A source close to Mr. Qalandari told HRANA’s reporter: “On Tuesday the head of the Natural Resources Department of the province had sued Sina because of his reports and articles regarding the incident of wildfires in the province and the death of one of the local peasants. However, he was fully exonerated by the court, but prosecutor had prevented his release for unknown reasons”.

This informed source, about this detained journalist’s illness, added: “Sina’s disease is a kidney stone problem and the night before being summoned he was admitted in the hospital because of his kidney problem. However at the detention center he had got extreme fatigue because he had not eaten since morning and he was not given anything in the detention center, so that he was transferred to the hospital”.

Sina Ghalandari was born in 1985 in Koohdasht city in Lorestan province. He handles a channel called “Radio Telegram of Lorestan”.

It should be mentioned that this Koohdashti journalist was held in the central prison of Lorestan for 9 days in March this year due to a complaint made by the governor because of asking him about the rumors of “throwing the Quran” by him.

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