Six Graders Prohibited From Attending The School Because Of Gender Separation / Video Footage

HRANA News Agency – The class teacher of a village in Mazandran province put out year 6 boy students from school, due to the implementation of the gender separation scheme, on the school’s reopening day.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the class teacher of the primary school in Kheshte Sar village, in Mahmoud Abad city of Mazendran province, did not let 6 boys in the school, due to the implementation of the gender separation scheme, on the school’s reopening day, on 23rd September.

In this regard, an informed source told HRANA’s reporter, “Students of Shahid Chamran School in Kheshte Sar village, are mixed from 1st to 5th grades and there is a quite successful competition between them.” This source added, “During these 5 years there were no problems and no complaints from the families of the girls or boys. But, this year, the gender separation scheme is implemented and it has been told that the boys and the girls must be separated.”

There are 7 girls and 13 boys among the 20 students in the 6th grade of this school, but due to this gender based separation plan, 13 students cannot study for the new academic year at this school.

The father of one of the boys, in a conversation with the correspondent of HRANA, in relation to the problems of transferring these students to the schools in other villages and cities, said: “We have been told to take our boys to the other villages or cities. But my income is not enough for this and I cannot pay 150000 Tomans for school bus and transportation and other expenses.”

The father of the student also, regarding this question that which department has raised this issue, says:  “The education department of the district says that the main office in the province has issued this “Circular”.”

It is to say that, in the other villages in this region such as, Berenjdeh, Jor Kala and Fereidon Kala the separation scheme has not been implemented boys and girls are studying alongside in one class.

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