Six months imprisonment verdict for a civil activist

HRANA News Agency– Hamed Malek Abadi, the civil activist sentenced to six months imprisonment by Sarab revolutionary court.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), judge Khateri in Sarab revolutionary court sentenced Hamed Malek Abadi to six months imprisonment on charge of propaganda against regime.

Hamed Malek Abadi, the student of private university of Sarab has been arrested by the security forces at home without showing detention verdict and been interrogated with his friend Babak Baghaie in Sarab Etela’at for a few days.

Then by the order of Sarab court transferred to Etela’at of Tabriz for further investigations and then he released by a 50 million tomans bail.

This activist has accused to propaganda against regime and membership of illegal group.

On Sunday, January 6th of 2013, his trial took place with attendance of his lawyer Mr. Ja’far Afshar Nia and he has exonerated from membership of illegal group because of lack of documents.

After all, by the fake reports of Etela’at of Sarab and Tabriz about him related to sending SMS during the national celebrities against regime, also protesting about Oroumiyeh lake dryness and attending Turkey languange courses and history of Azerbayejan, the court sentenced him to six months imprisonment on charge of propaganda against regime.

It has to be mentioned that the court issued the verdict without paying attention to Hamed’s and his lawyer’s defense.

Translated by: Ramyar Hassani


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