Sohail Arabi Complains against 3 News Websites

HRANA News Agency – Solicitors of Sohail Arabi, the citizen who has been sentenced to death, have complained against three news websites, inside Iran, for spreading lies against their client.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), following the publication of lies and falsifications by three news websites; Fars News Agency, Jahan News and Dana against Sohail Arabi and his solicitors’ complaints against them, the judge has issued “supply arrangement” for one of the sites.
One of his solicitors by announcing this issue has written: “In this regard, we had to complain and the final act was “supply arrangement” by the Judge for one of these media. The other two media still have not attended to meet the prosecution after being summoned.”
It is to say, these web sites, earlier with some lies about Sohail Arabi’s charges and denying the accusation of insulting the prophet, attributed other accusations, that with his family and his lawyers protests and the publicizing an image of the court verdict, it was determined that Mr. Soheil Arabi’s accusation is insulting the prophet and these sites have attempted to spread lies against this detained citizen.
Sohail Arabi has been accused with insulting the prophet (swearing prophet Mohammad), based on what he had shared on his personal Facebook and his death sentence for allegedly insulting the prophet in cyberspace, was upheld by the Supreme Court and he is in risk of execution.
This is while if the person who is accused of insulting prophet, claims that his statements was on compulsion- omission- mistake or in a state of drunkenness or anger or regardless of language or meanings of words or quotes from others, then it is not insulting the prophet.
Sohail Arabi is now in ward 350 of Evin prison, pending the outcome of a judicial review and getting rid of capital punishment.

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