Press Release: Cyber terrorism, continuing the strategy of the security system to prevent free flow of information

jhHRANA – Secretariat of Human Rights Activists in Iran published a statement to cyber attacks, the news Web site called cyber terrorism and condemned such actions violate international law by the Iranian government and the prosecution deserving compensation eyes, he said.

Accordingly, the association also advised, by human rights groups following their mission while trying to deprive the Iranian government from acquiring advanced technologies, communications and censorship, relying on science day and projected needs of the information in support of free flow of information, the necessary measures in this regard are given.

Always and especially during the last year, government security apparatus with the conclusions important role of mass media and social networks based on enabling the protesters organized by the coherence and troubleshooting, allowing as an important goal that will need to stop or interfere in has been.
In this regard, especially during the last year, always at the same time or before the protest rallies or other programs, information networks have been targeted by the security system.

Send noise and disrupt satellite networks protocols against international mail, disrupt communication systems including mobile phones and text messaging as well as disrupting international calls, arrested journalists and closed newspapers critical of the few acts extensive filtering and reduction in Internet bandwidth Sometimes including cutting are true.

The collections of these measures, the internet due to features such as widespread usability and access, and given that the entirely new forms of interactions, activities, and have created social organizations of the importance of these finds INESTIMABLE.

The Iranian government’s security forces as well as newly established unit of Iranian Revolutionary Guards accompanied Cyber Division Afta (Security Information Exchange space) in order to deal with free flow of information contrary to what the Internet using their promotional possibilities going into the community have abolished the ability of high not And their goals due to spending millions of dollars of state assets, and having features, and arrest, and imposition of censorship experiences of leading countries such as China has done. While the victims they have the least opportunities in these areas were not.

Prior to the events known as the Bahman 25, active in the field of cyber security system, your strategy based on exaggerated and zoom capabilities were established, the effort seemed so using the least capacity to rely on advertising tool with a ploy to create fear and relying on fear and propaganda to enlarge their capabilities, opponents of the activities in the cyber space will beware.

The most obvious example of this action a large number of detained human rights activists, torture and obtain passwords and then damage to sites and then holding dozens of television and the press can be the subject of cyber Iranian government troops on 11 Esfand last year.

During the past year, always parallel to the street protests in battle off the net space between defenders and opponents of free speech that was going on. But what is the subversive activities of the security forces, a total of 25 events in January, which called it as rich as the new opposition to learn to walk distinguishes protests, Greater cohesion and organizing. They must be considered institutions, active in the field of cyber security features to Yemen and arrest its imposition in this process and achieved a coherent approach to promoting and creating the atmosphere of the field to knock opponents making up notes of the State Executive more interconnected gone before.

The events of 25 months in measures can be classified as follows:

A-Contrary to the reports server

Security forces are trying this approach in identifying service providers and hosts Web sites by sending letters protesting his numerous lies, accused the Web sites mentioned email infringement, fraud, theft and so they considering the lack of foreign service providers and identity of the subject real fan reporters, some succeed and disrupt the Web client at odds with the server for the incoming complaints are false.

The move enabled even pages on social networks such as Facebook or YouTube are also on.

B) D-DOS- Attack

As mentioned earlier forces cyber security apparatus lacks capacity to influence and coherent scientific term opponents hack their websites, Therefore, relying on large budgets and facilities available to the Persian month D. DOS attacks mainly relies on the same two indexes have turned, this action is now integrated as a tactic by the forces of cyber security system is selected. Action in the past year in the context of trial and error had been

The common method of attack is used to try the saboteurs of foreign requests for the server to false so that the saturated demands creating false overload the server to stop responding is common demands or so slow that the system eventually will be used. In fact, such false applications are consuming system resources that the site provided no source for customer service is not real.

Most of the attacks on the two categories and Flood Http Flood TCP, UDP IP are defined.

Top Web Sites, Activists, JARAS, Student News, KALAMEH and many other active sites of the attacks on prominent targets in the range of 25 to 1 in the Persian month Bahman Persian month Esfand are considered.

C-Sending threatening letters

Although this means sending threatening letters to directors or members of political websites news recently but still not particularly about the target sites through which DoS attacks As the latest cyber attack force will be considered that report abuse used not stop looking back

With the hope that perhaps the administrators or members of the affected Web site mentioned claims and threats regardless of their actions are continuing.

Activists news agencies as Human Rights Activists in Iran for several times, including the recipients of this letter as an example for the public knowledge on the part of the letter dated February 15 it received had come; The center directors and members of caution HRANA,” emphasizes that all activities group let activists inside and outside the country have been observed in the field and soon with all the bad guys in Iran and abroad will be treated.

It is suggested that before the tiller law before being caught stopped their activities and avoid criminal actions ….; “
Obviously Human Rights Activists in Iran above all rely on the millions of dollars of capital facilities and cyber forces imposition and formed their arrest and it is here remember the name of cyber terrorism is condemned

And such actions violate international law by the Iranian government and deserving prosecution knows the damage eyes. Accordingly, the association also recommends,

Human rights groups based on their mission while trying to deprive the Iranian government from acquiring advanced technologies, communications and censorship, relying on science day and projected needs of the information in support of free flow of information, necessary measures in this regard, given have.
Secretariat of Human Rights Activists in Iran
Equal to the second ESFAND 1389 and 21 February 2011

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