Press Release: We Strongly Support Appointment of “Special Rapporteur” To Address Human Rights Violations in Iran

jhHRANA News – Secretariat of Human Rights Activists in Iran announced their strong support for the appointment of Special Rapporteur to address the human rights violations in Iran by United Nation.
Accordingly by publishing a statement, while emphasizing on the Islamic Republic return to the sixties (eighties in western calendar) in terms of oppressing its citizens, reported that by appointment of Special Rapporteur and therefore monitoring the behavior of the Iranian government treatment of its own citizens based on international law this government shall be directly responsible of its actions.

The full text of the announcement is as follows:
Press Release
Iran’s high human rights violations case number, which  is easily verifiable just by referring to Iranian government having been at least 29 times convicted regarding human rights situation by the UN over 32 years, clearly shows that there has been no effective will at any time period during Iran’s current government to stop the systematic violation of human rights. This Matter, years after dark years of 60’s, again has taken a turn for worse after the controversial 10th presidential elections which were followed by the crackdown of protesting citizens.

Considering Iranian Government’s intolerance of any independent domains and critics as a major breach of basic human rights as well as critical human rights condition inside the country, the international community in response to violations of fundamental rights in Iran according to International law, has considered some positive actions in its agenda based on universal principles of human rights.
As one of the most important of these measures, UN General Assembly’s last resolution, which was published in April 2011, in which the Assembly condemned Iran on major  human rights issues, could be referred to. Following this report, in March 2011  Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General’s midterm report  on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran which was requested in Resolution 226̷65  of General Assembly approved in December 2010, has been issued in which  The Iranian government has been clearly accused of using systematic torture, censorship, repression of freedom of expression, Violations of ethnic and religious minorities rights, execution of children, discrimination against women in laws, and creating insecurity and impossible conditions for human rights activists to do their work, and also in great details Iranian government lack of honesty in claims regarding cooperation with the United Nations regarding human rights has been discussed. Also in this report along with other issues of human rights violations, the huge growth in the number of executions in Iran as well as so many other examples has been referred to.

Also, at the same time as fourteenth session of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva this month was on, Sweden proposed the appointment of a special rapporteur to investigate human rights abuses in Iran which the proposal has gained supports from the representatives of many other countries.

Human Rights Activists Body in Iran expresses its belief that this proposal itself, which has been assessed by the international community and has had UN Human Rights Council to take special action, is an indicator of severity of human rights conditions in Iran, and emphasizes that appointing the Special Rapporteur and therefore monitoring the actions of Iranian government toward its citizens based on international law, especially in the situation that the state violently suppresses the rights of its citizens, will be helpful for holding the government responsible for its behavior.

So as Human Rights Activists body in Iran has repeatedly announced over the past year, it supports the imposition of pressure on the Iranian government for its human rights abuses, and in the same regards also declares that considering that the appointment of a Supervisor and Special Rapporteur by the UN Human Rights Council in Iran, will be as effective in holding the government accountable to the rights of citizens regarding the abuse of their rights as in creating a source that could facilitate sending reports of human rights abuse cases, and also will help impose political pressures from the International community to the Islamic Republic to act according to human rights standards , it strongly supports this matter and will take whatever in its power to make this happen.

Secretariat of Human Rights Activists in Iran
27 Esfand 1389 – 19 March 2011

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