Supreme Court Rejected Marjan Davari’s Death Sentence

HRANA News Agency – Branch 47 of the Supreme Court rejected the death sentence of Marjan Davari, 50-year-old translator and scholar in Shahr Ray women’s prison, who had been sentenced to death on charge of corruption in 2017. One of the charges against Mrs. Davari is membership in Eckankar. It is said that the death sentence of Karim Zarger has been confirmed by the judicial authorities.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the death sentence of Marjan Davari was rejected by Branch 47 of the Supreme Court.

Her lawyer, Mr. Erfanian told HRANA’s reporter: “the death sentence for Mrs. Davari has been violated in Branch 47 of the Supreme Court on October of 2017, but we have no information about the reasons for the violation because we have not received the ruling yet.”

“We did not have hearing with the Supreme Court, we only followed up the bill of reports and spoke with the advisers, they accepted that there were legal arguments. That is why my client’s verdict was violated in the court.” The lawyer said.

“This sentence should be re-examined in the first branch of the Revolutionary Court. Last week, I went to the Revolutionary Court in this regard, and I think that the new branch will be determined by next month,” the lawyer said.

Mrs. Davari’s lawyer explained about his client to HRANA’s reporter: “Unfortunately, Mrs. Davari is currently detained in Shahr Ray (Gharchak) prison and suffering from boredom, I personally followed her condition and shared her situation with the prosecution, and he provided assistance. In Shahr Ray prison, there are not enough facilities and proper health care for the prisoners.”

The lawyer told about the health condition of his client: “Mrs. Davari is suffering from kidney problems, leg pain and back pain. We have requested her transfer to Evin Prison due to illness and inappropriate physical condition, and we have had the necessary talks on this issue.”

Mr. Erfanian said: “the death sentence of Marjan Davari was issued in Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court, after several four-hour-long trials, despite the fact that it was determined that Mrs. Davari was not involved in the matter and there were legal deficiencies.”

One of the most important charges against Ms. Davari was accusation of corruption on earth according to Article 286 of the Islamic Penal Code.

In addition, Mrs. Davari’s lawyer told HRANA’s reporter: “on the charge of corruption on earth, the case was regarding to the formation of an institution known as Rah-e-Marefat (Way of Knowledge). Although she did not have much involvement in the institute, and she worked more as a translator and consultant and the person/other persons responsible for this institution, we explained in detail about this issue in the case, which was about 8,000 pages in the case. In addition, Mrs. Davari did not have the leading role, and besides, the charge of corruption on earth has a certain definition in the law, which, in our opinion, was not provided in her case.”

Mr. Erfanian said: “Mr. Karim Zargar was the head of the institute and he was also sentenced to death and his execution sentence seems to have been confirmed.”

Marjan Davari, born on April 24, 1966, finished elementary school in UK and after returning to Iran, in international Partian school. She received English translation diploma when she was 13 and continued her studies in Al-Zahra University in graphic and painting, in addition to research and translation in inner-science, eastern and western ontology.

She graduated from Graphic in Arts Department at Alzahra University in Tehran and is interpreter of the Islamic, Esoteric and Illuminati books and one of the researchers of Rah-e-Marefat Institute for Metaphysical Studies and Research. She was arrested by security forces in October 2015 by the closure and detention of the officials of Rah-e-Marefat Institute. She was accused of corruption on earth, adultery, gathering and collusion against the regime, membership in Eckankar mystical sect. Branch 15 of Tehran Revolutionary Court headed by Judge Salavati sentenced her to death along with Karim Zarger, another defendant of the case.

Marjan Davari translated the works of the writers of the intellectual schools of Illuminati around the world, collected and compiled a series of articles on this subject. Among her translated works, there are “Paws of Time” by Paul Twitchel, Philip Morimitsu’s Digger, and Harold Clamp’s Spiritual Exercise.

Eckankar is a new spiritual movement that began in USA in 1965.

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