Christian Convert Yasin Mousavi Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

Yasin Mousavi, a Christian convert, has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison by the Revolutionary Court of Ahvaz, as reported by Mohabat News.

Based on the verdict issued by the third branch of the Revolutionary Court of Ahvaz, presided over by Judge Fathinia, and communicated to Mr. Mousavi, he has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison on charges including “membership in groups aimed at disrupting national security” and “propaganda against the regime through promoting Zionist Christianity.”

Mousavi was previously arrested on December 24, 2023, along with several other Christian converts in the city of Izeh. After enduring twenty days of solitary confinement at the Ministry of Intelligence’s detention facility, he was transferred to Sheiban Prison in Ahvaz. Mousavi was released on bail from Sheiban Prison in Ahvaz on April 30, 2024.

Mousavi has a history of previous arrests and imprisonment in October 2017, April 2021, and November 2022.

Despite the fact that Christians are recognized as a religious minority under Islamic law, the security services pursue the issue of Muslims converting to Christianity with particular sensitivity and deal harshly with those who convert to Christianity.

The persecution of Christian converts is a blatant violation of Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which state that every individual has the right to freedom of religion and belief, including the freedom to express their faith openly or privately.