Azerbaijani-Turk Activist Karim Esmaeil-Zadeh Receives Six-Month Imprisonment

The Tabriz Revolutionary Court has sentenced Azerbaijani-Turk Activist Karim Esmaeil Zadeh to six months in prison. Co-defendants Abdullah Ansari and Ebrahim Rezaie have been acquitted of charges in this legal case.

The verdict finds Esmaeil-Zadeh guilty of “inciting people to violence on the Internet,” with the detention period to be subtracted from the overall prison term.

On August 16, 2023, security forces arrested these individuals as they entered a football stadium in Tabriz. Three days later, they were released on bail from Tabriz Prison. Subsequently, Esmaeil-Zadeh was re-arrested on August 27 in Tabriz, only to be released on a second bail from the city’s prison.