Six Citizens Including Three School Students Arrested in Different Cities

Recently, related to nationwide protests, security forces arrested six citizens, including three school students in Kuhdasht, Takab, Tehran and Bushehr.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, six individuals, including three school students, were arrested by security forces in different cities.

HRANA has identified the students as Milad Jahangiri, Sirvan Malekian and Behzad Iranpour, all residents of Takab, West Azerbaijan Province.

Three other citizens have been identified as Amir Mohammadi in Tehran, Mohsen Teymoori in Kuhdasht (Lorestan Province) and Mehdi Omrani in Bushehr.

Mohammadi has been jailed in Great Tehran Penitentiary. The five other individuals’ whereabouts are still unknown.