Five Protestors Awaiting Looming Execution in the Central Prison of Karaj

Recently, the Karaj Revolutionary Court sentenced five people arrested at protests to death. These death-row prisoners, Mohammad-Mehdi Karami, Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, Hamid Ghara-Hasanlu and Hossein Mohammadi, are currently jailed in the Central Prison of Karaj.

About incidents that happened during protests on the 40th day of Hadith Najafi’s death, these individuals were arrested and faced the charge of “spreading corruption on earth” and then sentenced to death.

Initially, the Judiciary mentioned eleven co-defendants in this legal case. Later, however, Mizan, Judiciary’s official media, mentioned 15 people. In the third court session, Hossein Mohammadi was added to the defendants, raising the number to 16.

During the trial, none of the defendants did not access to a private lawyer. They have been also reportedly tortured to confess and accept the charges.