4 Sunni Detainees Transferred to Urmia Central Prison

HRANA News Agency – Four Sunni civilians from Bukan who had been arrested on October 6 and were held in a poor condition in the Revolutionary Guards’ Intelligence Detention in Urmia were transferred to the central prison of this city after 2 months. Reports indicate the mistreatment, beatings and even torture of detainees in the detention center of the Revolutionary Guards.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), security forces in a coordinated assault on the houses of a large number of citizens of Bukan and its suburbs, attempted to arrest many of the citizens on October 6. It has been reported that, those arrested were dozens of people, including “youth, some of Mosque Imams and scholars”. Continue reading “4 Sunni Detainees Transferred to Urmia Central Prison”