Security Forces Detain Four Family Members of Deceased Protester Hananeh Kia

Masoumeh Azari, Helia, Vahid, and Amir Kia Kojuri – four family members of Hananeh Kia, who was killed by regime forces during the nationwide protests of 2022 – have been apprehended at their residence and subsequently transported to an undisclosed location.

A source, with close ties to the Kia family, disclosed to HRANA that on the evening of Sunday, August 27, Vahid, Helia, and Amir Kia, all siblings of Hananeh, as well as their mother Masoumeh Azari, were arrested at their residence in Nowshahr, Mazandaran province.

The specific grounds for these detentions and the whereabouts of their confinement remain undisclosed at this time.

Hananeh Kia, a 22-year-old, was shot dead by security forces on September 21, 2022, during protests in Nowshahr.

As the approaching anniversary of the 2022 nationwide protests, commonly referred to as the Mahsa Amini Protests looms, families of the victims are grappling with heightened pressures stemming from security and judicial entities. For more details, please refer to HRANA’s report on the arrest of some family members.

Documentary Filmmaker Shahin Samadpour Arrested

Documentary filmmaker and reporter Shahin Samadpour was arrested after an appearance at Evin Courthouse in Tehran.

It is worth mentioning that a while ago, Samadpour’s accounts on Instagram and Telegram went off following his report on Hananeh Kia’s family and her engaged man. 22-year-old Hananeh Kia was killed by security forces at recent protests.

The reason for Samadpour’s arrest and the charges are still unknown.


Nationwide Protests Continue after Mahsa Amini’s Death Sixth Day 

On September 22, 2022, nationwide protests following Mahsa Amini’s death continued in cities across Iran despite heavy police presence in the streets. Protests started in Tehran and the Kurdistan region and spread.

The security forces fired teargas, pellet guns and shotguns to scatter the crowds in several cities and internet and mobile services were disrupted or shot down as the Supreme National Security Council of Iran ordered to restrict people’s access to Instagram and WhatsApp.

During the protests in the past six days, several individuals have been killed or injured and many were arrested. 

The government-affiliated media has started broadcasting coerced confessions as the international criticisms of the government’s actions continue.

On the sixth day of the nationwide protests,   demonstrations continued in Tehran, Oshnavieh, Golshahr, Kashmar, Malekan, Behbahan, Dehdasht, Shirvan, Shahrood, Neyshabur, Tabriz, and Bandar-Anzali, with slogans such as  “death to Khamenei” and “death to the dictator”, as eyewitnesses reported the presence of riot police and plainclothes security agents.

Over 25 are estimated to have been killed so far. HRANA has obtained the following list, of which HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, can verify 10. HRANA is reviewing and fact-checking the following list:

  1.     Minoo Majidi (Kermanshah)
  2.     Reza Lotfi (Dehgolan)
  3.     Mohsen Mohammadi (Divandarreh)
  4.     Foad Ghadimi (Divandarreh)
  5.     Zakaria Khial (Piranshahr)
  6.     Freydoon Mahmoodi (Saqqez)
  7.     Mohsen Gheisari (Ilam)
  8.     Abbas Khaleghi (Qazvin)
  9.     Amir Nowruzi (Bandar-Anzali)
  10.   Abdollah Mahmoodpour (Balo Village, Urmia )
  11.   Farjad Darvish (Balo Village, Urmia)
  12.   Danesh Rahnama (Balo Village,  Urmia County)
  13.   Fardin Bakhtiari (Sanandaj)
  14.   Amin Maarefat (Oshnavieh)
  15.   Sadredin Litiani (Oshnavieh)
  16.   Milan Haghighi (Oshnavieh)
  17.   Roozbeh Khademi (Karaj)
  18.   Pedram Azarnoosh (Dehdasht)
  19.   Mehrdad Behnam (Dehdasht)
  20.   Hananeh Kia (Nowshahr)


There were additional reports on unconfirmed deaths. Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting  (IRIB) has officially announced the death of 17 people during the nationwide protests. Kermanshah prosecutor has also said that two people were killed and 25 were injured. Iran Human Rights Organization reported that in Amol, 11 people have been killed.

Mahsa Amini was arrested by Tehran Morality Police at a train station for improper hejab. She fell into a coma after head trauma and later died at a hospital in Tehran.