Hasti Tale-Talab Detained Without Clarity in Vakilabad Prison

Hasti Tale-Talab, a resident of Mashhad, has been detained in Vakilabad Prison for over three weeks without a clear legal status.

According to a source close to Tale-Talab’s family who spoke to HRANA, she has been held in Vakilabad prison for 25 days. Her family has been kept uninformed about her legal case.

On March 17, 2024, Tale-Talab was summoned by the Public and Revolutionary Court of Mashhad and detained during her appearance.

Reports obtained by HRANA indicate that Tale-Talab is facing multiple charges, including “provoking impurity and indecency,” and “propaganda against the regime.”

In October-November 2023, the Ministry of Intelligence raided Tale-Talab’s residence, conducted a search, and confiscated some of her belongings.

Tale-Talab, aged 51, is a mother of four.