Inmate Still On Death Row After 27 Years Requests Execution

In Khorramabad Prison, an inmate on death row after being convicted for murder has been held for 27 years.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting Etemad Newspaper, the inmate, identified as A. Mousavi, has been waiting at the crossroads of forgiveness and execution.

The following is from Mousavi himself: “I told the blood avenger (a member of the victim’s family) that I do not have any money to pay as a blood price, so I came here to let them hang me. [The family member] told me that he doesn’t want an execution; he needs money.”

Mousavi explains that the murder came from a conflict with a colleague: “In a quarrel about money, one of our business partners was killed. Four of us were sentenced to ten years and death and I was the second-row defendant in this criminal case.”

“15 years ago, the other three convicted inmates were freed by paying the blood money and appeasing the victim’s family. One paid 36 million [tomans] (8,568 USD), the other 4 million (952 USD) and the third one with 11 million tomans (2,618 USD). I did not have anyone to try to appease the family on my behalf. In 2016, they let me go to the door of the victims family to try. They asked me for 70 million (16,660 USD). Since I did not have any money, I stayed in prison. Last year, I asked again and this time they asked for 800 million (190,400 USD). The head of the prison could convince them to accept half of this amount. But I am still short of that amount. The price goes up every year with inflation… I am poor as a church mouse. I have nothing to pay and my execution is still on schedule. I told the blood avenger that I do not have any money to pay as a blood price, so let them hang me. He told me that he doesn’t want execution, he needs money. But I am exhausted. I can’t take this jail anymore,” he added.