Mass Arrests of Teachers and Teacher Union Activists in Cities of Iran

On June  15 and 16, 2022, several teachers and teacher union activists were arrested by security forces in the cities of Rasht, Saqqez, Khomeini Shahr, Mariwan, Divandarreh, Sanandaj and Delfan. HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists,  was able to verify the arrest of 51 individuals.

According to HRANA, dozens of teachers and educators were arrested in different cities.

On Thursday, June 16, 2022, in response to the call of the Coordination Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Associations, active and retired teachers and educators held protests in front of the Ministry of Education in several cities across Iran.

In Tehran, a high number of police and security forces prevented the protestors from gathering near the parliament. Also, in Saqqez and Sanandaj, the heavy presence of plainclothes security agents was evident.

The protesting teachers demanded the immediate release of detained teachers, the implementation of the “Job Ranking Plan” as passed in Iran’s parliament, closing the gap in pensions, free education for students, and a maximum class size of 16. 

The following is a confirmed list of individuals arrested in each city:

Rasht, Gilan Province

  1. Koka Bodaghi
  2. Aziz Ghasemzadeh
  3. Mahmood Sedighipour
  4. Anoosh Adeli
  5. Javad Saeedi and
  6. an unidentified woman.


Saqqez, Kurdistan Province

  1. Khaled Abdollahi
  2. Mohammad Fatahi
  3. Taher Ghaderzadeh
  4. Soleyman Abdi
  5. Azizi Marzi
  6. Ahmad Ghaderi
  7. Keywan Mohammadi
  8. Hossein Mohammadi
  9. Loghmanollah Moradi
  10. Khaled Sheikhi
  11. Salahedin Hosseini
  12. Ghader Yasrabi
  13. Marzieh Talai
  14. Amanj Amni
  15. Zahed Moradi
  16. Anvar Farajzadeh
  17. Awat Razawi
  18. Esmail Reihani
  19. Taher Hamei
  20. Keywan Ahmadi
  21. Salah Sorkhi


Qazvin, Qazvin Province

  1. Mohammad-Reza Behnam-Nejad
  2. Ali Sadeghi-Nejad
  3. Mahmood Sabooni
  4. Mahmood Zamani
  5. Saayadi (first name unknown)
  6. Hamid Farokh Amini
  7. Efekhari (First Name Unknown)
  8. Razni (first name unknown)
  9. Kazemi (first name unknown).


Khomeini Shahr, Isfahan Province

  1. Sattar Zarei (released on bail)
  2. Mojtaba Abtahi (released on bail)
  3. Ruhollah Ghadimi (released on bail)


Mariwan, Kurdistan Province

  1. Tahsin Mostafa
  2. Sivan Soleimani
  3. Aram Ghaderi


Divandarreh, Kurdistan Province

  1. Omid-Shah Mohammadi
  2. Othman Rezai
  3. Hiwa Ghoreishi
  4. Parviz Ahsani
  5. Kaweh Mohammadzadeh


Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province

  1. Salah Haji Mirzai
  2. Mohammad-Reza Moradi
  3. Ghias Nemati

And in Delfan, Lorestan province, one arrested teacher was identified as Parviz Eini.