The Families of Sunni Prisoners Prohibited from Burring Them

HRANA News Agency – After the execution of six Sunni prisoners, their bodies were not given to their families some of whom had traveled from far distances to Rajai Shahr, in Karaj, even after hours of waiting and confusion, and, despite their legitimate requests, just one representative of each family was allowed to see their loved ones’ bodies to identify them and the other members of families and relatives were prevented from attending Bibi Sakineh Cemetery for their children’s funeral ceremony.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), after the execution of Hamed Ahmadi, Kamal Molaei, Jamshid Dehghani, Jahangir Dehghani, Sadiq Mohammadi and Seyed Hadi Hosseini, Sunni prisoners in Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj, their families who had gathered in front of the prison the night before, demanded their loved ones’ bodies who had been executed, to take their bodies to their home city for interment, however, they were confounded from 4am to 4pm as the authorities did not give a clear respond, and  eventually, authorities told them that they could not take their bodies to their cities and they would be buried in cemetery of Bibi Sakineh, due to the security system’s decision. Continue reading “The Families of Sunni Prisoners Prohibited from Burring Them”