Mahboobeh Mousavi Arrested in Ahvaz

On September 13, 2023, Mahboobeh Mousavi, previously detained during the 2022 nationwide protests, was once again apprehended by security forces in Ahvaz and transported to an undisclosed detention facility.

According to a source with close ties to Mousavi’s family, the arrest occurred at 12:00 p.m. at her residence, with the agents failing to provide an arrest warrant. During the operation, a search of her home was conducted, leading to the confiscation of some of her personal belongings.
The specific grounds for her arrest, her current whereabouts, and the charges against her remain unknown at this time.

It’s noteworthy that Mousavi had been previously arrested by security forces on December 11, 2022, amid the nationwide protests. However, her case was officially closed following her amnesty, which was granted under a “pardon and commutation” directive implemented in February 2023.