Several Detainees of Erfane Halghe Have Been Identified

HRANA News Agency – The identities of several other detainees from the 25 February 2015 incident – in which security forces and police crushed the Erfane Halgheh (Interuniversalism Mysticism) followers’ protest in front of the Islamic Revolutionary Court – have been revealed.

According to the report of HRANA quoting from the Human Rights Reporters’ Committee; Sajjad Kazemi, Hussein Karim Aghaee, Alireza Kimyaee, Hussein Parandeh, Majid Ali Madadi, Milad Khorasani and Hussein Moammar are among the detainees of the 25 February and there is no further news about their condition. Several other detainees of Wednesday incident have been released on bail. Continue reading “Several Detainees of Erfane Halghe Have Been Identified”