Majid Mousavi Muhammerah and Abdoljalil Doraghi Sentenced to a Combined Ten Years in Prison

Branch 16 of the Court of Appeals in Khuzestan Province upheld the initial verdict against Majid Mousavi Muhammerah and Abdoljalil Doraghi. Each had been sentenced to five years in prison by the Revolutionary Court of Ahvaz City.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, the court, headed by Judge Koosha, notified Muhammerah and Doraghi’s lawyer that the initial verdict was upheld. The defendants has were charged with “promoting Wahhabism (a fundamentalist movement within Sunni Islam)” and propaganda against the regime”.

“As the attorney of the defendants, I have not received a verdict letter and hence have not been able to ask for a retrial. The Court of Appeals held a session without the attendance of defendants and the attorney, which is in violation of a fair trial. Also, the issued verdict was upheld regardless of newly invoked pieces of evidence and was merely based on what was presented in the initial trial,” their lawyer, Iman Soleymani, told HRANA.

“They did not even let me make a copy of the documents. They hardly even let me review it,” he added.

Muhammerah and Doraghi were arrested by security forces and held in solitary confinement for six months in the detention centre at disposal of the Ministry of Intelligence in Ahvaz City.

They are residents of Ahvaz and worked at a bike repair and falafel shop, respectively.