Maryam Mehrabi Arrested by Security Forces in Isfahan

Maryam Mehrabi, a teacher residing in Isfahan, was arrested by security forces today, June 18, and taken to an unknown location. Her brother, Mahmoud Mehrabi, a political prisoner, has been sentenced to death for political charges.

Mahan Mehrabi, Ms. Mehrabi’s brother, posted an update: “Today, my sister Maryam was arrested by security forces. Additionally, the security forces confiscated all electronic devices, including laptops and mobile phones.”
So far, there is no information on the reasons for her arrest or the whereabouts of Ms. Mehrabi and her children.

Mehrabi was previously arrested in March 2023 while pursuing her brother Mahmoud Mehrabi’s case. She was detained by security forces at the Mobarakeh County Prosecutor’s Office and transferred to Dolatabad Prison in Isfahan. This citizen was released on bail three days later. Last September, she was sentenced by Branch 102 of the Criminal Court Two of Mobarakeh City to seventy-four lashes and three months in prison, which was later converted to a fine.