Pediatrician Arrested for Anti-Execution Protest in Lordegan

In Lordegan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, Mehrshard Kunlayni, a pediatric specialist, was arrested by security forces after he protested against capital punishment, displaying a placard in a public area.

The placard Kunlayni held read, “No to the execution of Khosrow Besharat and Mahmoud Mehrabi.” Mahmoud Mehrabi, a political prisoner, has recently been sentenced to death. Meanwhile, Khosrow Besharat, a Sunni prisoner on death row, faces imminent execution at Ghezel Hesar Prison in Karaj.

Kunlayni’s whereabouts and his condition are unknown at this time.

Mahmood Mehrabi, a Political Prisoner, Receives Death Sentence

Mahmood (Mahmoud) Mehrabi has been sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court in Isfahan on charges of “spreading corruption on earth.” He is currently held at Dastgerd Prison in Isfahan.

Babak Eslami Farsani, Mehrabi’s legal representative, relayed that Branch 5 of the Isfahan Revolutionary Court issued the death sentence. Farsani highlighted that they were only informed of the decision at court, with no written verdict provided. He expressed hope that the Supreme Court would address the perceived shortcomings in the ruling. The court justified the sentence by accusing Mehrabi of “widespread dissemination of false information on Instagram.”

Mehrabi was first detained by security forces on February 1, 2023, in Isfahan, and was temporarily released on bail on March 16, 2023, only to be rearrested at his home shortly after.

In September 2023, Mehrabi faced a series of additional charges, including propaganda against the regime, incitement of police and military forces to disobedience, incitement to war, crimes against national security, and insulting the founder and Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In January of this year, he was further charged with publishing confidential information and committing acts of blasphemy, including insulting Shia Imams.

Mehrabi has a history of arrests and convictions linked to his activism.