Four Gonabadi dervishes have been tried

HRANA News Agency – On Wednesday morning four of imprisoned Gonabadi Dervishes in Adelabad prison of Shiraz were transferred to branch 1 of criminal court of Kowar in terms of their dossiers’ process.


According to the report of Majzoobane Noor website, Mohsen Esmaieli, Seyyed Ebrahim Bahrami, Mohammad Ali Sadeghi and Mohammad Ali Dehghan of the imprisoned dervishes in Adelabad prison of Shiaz were tried in branch 1 of criminal court of Kowar by judge Kashkooli in presence of Mr. harsini, Nazari and Sadeghi the lawyers. Continue reading “Four Gonabadi dervishes have been tried”

The Gonabadi Dervishes have been charged again

HRANA News Agency – 4 Dervishes from Kovar town have been charged with “forming a terrorist group against the government,” “participating in the gatherings with the aim of overthrowing the regime,” “enmity against the God” and “having illegal weapons” in the revolutionary court of Shiraz yesterday morning. Continue reading “The Gonabadi Dervishes have been charged again”