Peaceful Demonstrations Turned Violent in Azerbaijan

HRANA News Agency – Peaceful demonstrations by Azerbaijani citizens turned violent when Iranian security forces interfered with a gathering to save Lake Urmia.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), anti-riot police in the city of Tabriz shot tear gas directly at the crowd and injured a number of the protestors.

Oddly enough, plain cloth agents broke the windows of shops and public phone booths in Tabriz.Previously, this behavior had also been observed multiple times in Tehran.

Eye-witnesses have reported that the clashes are still on-going in front of the Constitution House of Tabriz (Khaneh Mashrouteh).Demonstrators are shouting slogans such as “Rise up and cry out Azerbaijan. Give life back to Lake Urmia” and “Lake Urmia dies. Congress orders its demise.”During the clashes with the police, a large number of citizens have been injured.

While the clashes in the city of Urmia are spreading to Ykaneyan Bazaar, Agh Dash and Shapour Gate, the number of those injured are significantly increasing.

HRANA correspondents report that Iranian security forces have stormed the Motahari Hospital to arrest those injured during street clashes.