Ministry of Interior should co-operate for Sunnis’ Eid prayer

HRANA News Agency – During this week’s Friday prayers ceremony, Sunni Khateeb of Azad-shahr, Maulana Muhammad Hussein Gorgij requested that the Interior Ministry provides the facilities for holding the Eid-e-Ghorban’s pray to Sunni Muslims around the country. He recommended the Interior Ministry avoids unprofessional approach and disrupting the worship ceremony of Sunnis.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), while “Sheykh Altafsir” Maulana Muhammad Hussein Gorgij, expressed his satisfaction about the designation of prayer area (Mosala) to Sunnis in Zahedan, he appreciated “Government of Prudence and Hope” and requested further co-operation. He demanded that government provides designated space for religious ceremonies and facilities for building mosques to Sunnis in other parts of the country. He also requested that government refrain from improper and preferential approach towards Eid-e-Ghorban’s pray and ceremony. Continue reading “Ministry of Interior should co-operate for Sunnis’ Eid prayer”