Eight People Sentenced to Combined 48 Years in Ahvaz

The Ahvaz Revolutionary Court sentenced eight people to a total of 48 years.

According to the latest rulings, Hossein Farajollah Chaab, Naser Shaye Mazraeh, Tofigh Falahieh, Fayez Zahrouni, Hossein Estedad, Saeed Fakher-Nasab, Hadi Jalali, and Musa Khaledi have each received a one-year prison sentence, five years of suspended imprisonment, and a two-year travel ban.

In May 2018, these individuals, alongside numerous others, were arrested by security forces following a one-week protest gathering. They were subsequently released on bail after a period of time.

Hossein Farajollah Chaab was detained once again in February 2021.