Lack of Information on Condition of Four Political Prisoners after Ten Months

The families and the lawyer of Mohsen Mazloum, Pezhman (Pejman) Fatehi, Vafa Azarbar, and Hazhir (Hajir) Faramarzi remain uninformed about the well-being and legal status of these political prisoners, causing growing concern.

On July 23, 2022, Iran Police Intelligence (FARAJA) arrested them in the Sumay-ye Beradust District of Urmia County.

Despite repeated inquiries from families and lawyers, the whereabouts of these individuals and the specific charges against them remain unknown. Families have sought answers from various prisoners and judicial authorities in Kurdistan, Isfahan, and Tehran, but have faced threats, disrespect, and coerced confessions broadcasted on Iran state TV instead.

Security-institution-affiliated news agency, Tasnim, reported the arrest of “a network of Israeli spies,” referring to these individuals. Tasnim also claimed that they possessed operational and communication equipment, as well as explosive materials, and had crossed into the country from the Kurdistan region with the intention of carrying out unprecedented terrorist operations in secure-sensitive locations.

Approximately 80 days after their arrest, Iran’s state TV aired their coerced confessions, accusing them of spying for foreign intelligence and stating that they had been apprehended in sensitive sites in Isfahan.

In response, Komalah (CPI-a Kurdish oppositional political party) issued a statement denying all these allegations and warned about intelligence institutions’ conspiring against detainees who have been accused of being members of the party.