HRANA’s Daily Review of Protests in Iran

On September 10-11, 2022, at least eleven protests and two labour strikes took place in Iran.

Saturday, September 11

The families of prisoners who are on death row continued their protests before the Justice Building in Tehran. They asked judicial authorities to stop executions. According to HRANA’s latest statistics, there are 46 death-row convicts in Ghezel Hesar Prison in Karaj.


In Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, a group of women’s rights activists gathered in front of the Justice Building to ask for safety for women following Shalir Rasouli’s death at a hospital last Thursday. Rasouli threw herself out of the window of her apartment to escape an assailant.

Along with their families, Achondroplasia (a genetic disorder) patients held a protest before the Food and Drug Administration in Tehran. They demanded supplying and importing their needed drugs such as Voxzogo.

In Alborz province, a group of citizens protested against demolishing a ski resort which is a tourist attraction.

A group of Urmia residents demonstrated to demand rescuing Urmia Lake from drying up completely.


Sunday, September 11

The families of prisoners presently on death row continued their protests before the Headquarters of the Judiciary in Tehran. They demanded stopping the executions.

The pensioners of the Fulad Pension Fund demonstrated in front of the building of this fund in Isfahan, Tehran and Ahvaz. They demanded addressing pensions disparities and a 38% increase in pensions.

The workers of the Rudbar’s Municipality protested to demand unpaid wages for the last two months and accumulated unpaid wages equivalent to four-month wages during the last year. Moreover, there are some unpaid benefits like severance and overtime pay accumulated during the past nine years.

In Tehran, a group of teachers and families with exceptional children protested against new restrictions on school transport service in front of the Special Education Organization.

In Asaluyeh, The workers of the petrochemical company Dena went on strikes to protest against the two months of non-payment.

The temporary workers of the Islamabad Petrochemical Company staged a labour strike to demand the last two months’ wages.