Varisheh Moradi Faces Charges of Alleged Armed Rebellion

According to a report by Kurdpa, Varisheh Moradi, a resident of Sanandaj, has been indicted by Branch 5 of the Public and Revolutionary Court of Tehran on charges of armed rebellion (Baghi), potentially leading to severe punishment, including the death penalty.

The accusation is reportedly linked to her alleged membership in a political opposition party.

The indictment, initiated by Judge Abolghasem Salavati of Branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court.

Regrettably, Moradi has been denied access to legal representation, and since her arrest, she has only had one family visitation.

Moradi was apprehended by security forces on August 1, 2023, in the suburbs of Sanandaj. Later in August, she was transferred from a detention facility in Sanandaj to Ward 209 of Evin Prison. Following the completion of the interrogation process on December 26, 2023, she was relocated to the Women’s Ward within the prison.

Despite the passage of time, the specific reasons for Moradi’s arrest and the charges against her remain undisclosed. It’s noteworthy that under Iran’s laws, the charge of Baghi may carry severe penalties, including execution and amputation of hands and feet.

Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence for Yousef Ahmadi

Branch 39 of the Supreme Court in Iran has confirmed the death sentence for political prisoner Yousef Ahmadi, according to Kurdpa.

Currently incarcerated in Sanandaj Prison, Ahmadi was initially condemned for Baghi (armed rebellion) by the Sanandaj Revolutionary Court, presiding over by Judge Saeed, in September 2023.

In the same legal proceeding, co-defendants Mohammad Karimi, Baset Karimi, and Mohammad Feyzi were handed prison sentences of 25, 20, and 20 years, respectively. These individuals were first apprehended by security forces in April 2020 and later transferred to Sanandaj Prison after the completion of the interrogation process at a security detention facility.

One of Kurdpa’s sources revealed that collaboration with a Kurdish opposition party was cited during the trial as an example supporting this charge. However, specific details regarding their case and the actions underlying the charges remain undisclosed.

Mohammadi Brothers Detained in Sanandaj

On January 1, 2024, the Ministry of Intelligence apprehended Morteza and Ebrahim Mohammadi, residing in Sanandaj, and subsequently transported them to an undisclosed location.

Confirmation of their arrest came from a source closely connected to their family who disclosed to HRANA that on Monday, January 1, Ministry of Intelligence agents arrested Morteza Mohammadi at his residence in Hassan Abad village in Sanandaj County. Ebrahim Mohammadi faced arrest by security forces after presenting himself at the Investigation Office of Sanandaj Revolutionary Court to inquire about his brother.

“The agents forcibly entered the house, breaking doors and windows, and seized some family belongings.”

As of now, the reasons behind these arrests and the current whereabouts of the Mohammadi brothers remain unknown.

Morteza Mohammadi had previously been arrested during the 2022 nationwide protests and was later released on bail.

According to data collected by the Department of Statistics and Publication of HRA in 2023, Kurdistan Province accounted for a disproportionate 8.3% of reported human rights violations, including instances of arbitrary detentions.

Workers’ Rights Advocate Foad Fathi Receives Four-Year Prison Sentence

Foad Fathi, an advocate for workers’ rights, has been handed a four-year prison sentence by the Tehran Revolutionary Court, as reported by Kurdpa.

Notification from Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court outlined Fathi’s four-year imprisonment for charges including “membership in anti-regime groups, acting against national security, and propaganda against the regime.” Alongside the prison term, Fathi has been subjected to a two-year travel ban, prohibiting him from leaving the country. He is also restricted from participating in political or civil groups and residing in Tehran and its suburbs during this period.

Fathi was apprehended by security forces in Tehran and subsequently confined in Evin Prison on November 4, 2023. A resident of Tehran with roots in Sanandaj, Fathi has a history of previous arrests and legal confrontations due to his activism in championing workers’ rights.

Multiple Executions in Rafsanjan, Sanandaj, and Saqqez

Reports confirm the recent execution of four inmates across Rafsanjan, Sanandaj, and Saqqez.

On December 4, 2023, Iran Human Organization disclosed the execution of Amir Alikhani, found guilty of murder, at Rafsanjan Prison in Kerman Province. Subsequently, on December 6, Kamal Elhami, aged 43, faced execution at Saqqez Prison for a rape conviction dating back five years.

As per Kurdpa, on December 6, 2023, two inmates, Sirus Heydari (60) and Khaled Roohi, were executed at Sanandaj Prison. Heydari had been convicted of murder four years ago, while Roohi faced the same charge 12 years prior.

No official sources or domestic media outlets within the country have provided coverage of these executions at the time of writing. The lack of official information raises concerns about transparency and accountability in the execution process.

According to data compiled by the Center of Statistics of Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRA), between October 10, 2022, and October 8, 2023, a total of 659 individuals were executed by hanging in Iran, representing a 24% increase compared to the corresponding period in the previous year. Seven of these executions were conducted publicly. Concerningly, many of the defendants were denied access to a fair trial and due process. For details and statistics, read HRANA’s report.

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Sivan Ebrahimi Receives an Eleven-Year Prison Sentence

Sivan Ebrahimi, one of the individuals detained in connection with the 2022 nationwide protests, has been sentenced to eleven years in prison by the Sanandaj Revolutionary Court, as reported by Kurdpa.

According to the verdict issued by Judge Mohammad Karami on December 2, 2023, Ebrahimi was found guilty of “forming groups to act against national security,” resulting in a ten-year prison term if the decision is upheld on appeal. Additionally, he received a one-year sentence for “propaganda against the regime.”

In a separate facet of his legal case, the Sanandaj Criminal Court had previously imposed an additional one-year imprisonment in exile and 40 lashes.

Ebrahimi, a Kurdish language teacher and a member of the cultural association Nojin, faced his second arrest on January 18, 2023, in Kamyaran. Following this arrest, he was released on bail in February of the same year.

Keyvan Zand Karimi Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

Keyvan Zand Karimi has been handed a five-year prison sentence by the Sanandaj Revolutionary Court, as reported by Kurdpa.

The verdict, issued on November 8, 2023, declares Zand Karimi guilty of political charges, including “assembly and collusion against national security,” “spreading propaganda against the regime,” and “participation in illegal protest gatherings.”

Zand Karimi was apprehended by security forces in Sanandaj on May 7, 2023, leading to his incarceration in the city’s prison. After spending several months behind bars, he was granted release on bail from Sanandaj Prison on August 26, 2023.

It is noteworthy that Zand Karimi has a history of previous arrests and legal confrontations due to his activist endeavors.

Sarveh Pour-Mohammadi Receives a Ten-Year Sentence

The Sanandaj Revolutionary Court has issued a ten-year prison sentence to Sarveh Pour-Mohammadi, according to a report by Kurdpa.

Judge Karami has notified Pour-Mohammadi’s lawyer of the verdict, sentencing her to ten years for “establishing groups with intentions to disrupt national security.”

Pour-Mohammadi, a member of the Nozhin Socio-Cultural Association, was apprehended by security forces on January 29, 2023. After spending 13 days in detention, she was released on bail from the Sanandaj Correctional Center.

Edris Menbari Receives 10-Year Prison Sentence

In a recent court ruling, the Sanandaj Revolutionary Court handed down a ten-year prison sentence to Edris Menbari, who was detained during the nationwide protests of 2022.

Judge Karami informed Menbari’s attorney that he has been sentenced to ten years for “establishing groups aimed at undermining national security.” The court session took place on October 1, 2023. He and his attorney were not allowed to attend.

Notably, the Criminal Court of Sanandaj had previously issued a verdict, sentencing Menbari to one year in prison and 40 lashes for his involvement in “disturbing public order”.

On December 18, 2022, security forces apprehended Menbari at his residence in Sanandaj amid the nationwide protests. He was subsequently released on bail in February 2023.

It is important to mention that Edris Menbari holds the position of a board member at the Nozhin Socio-Cultural Association.

Lawyer Naser Sargeran Arrested

On October 11, 2023, security forces apprehended Naser Sargeran, a lawyer living with a visual impairment, in Saqqez, subsequently relocating him to the Ministry of Intelligence’s detention facility in Sanandaj.

According to a report by Kurdpa, Sargeran was taken into custody at his residence in Saqqez. It’s important to note that in addition to his legal profession, Sargeran also serves as a university lecturer and is an advocate for disability rights.

The specific reasons behind this arrest, as well as any charges that may have been filed against him, remain unknown at this juncture.