30 Arrested in Abbasabad County for Alleged Satanism

The Police Chief of Abbasabad County, Mazandaran Province, announced the arrest of 30 individuals—18 men and 12 women—on allegations of “Satanism,” according to Asr Iran News Outlet. These individuals are also accused of possessing alcoholic beverages and drugs.

Police Chief Davoud Safarizadeh reported that the arrests were made following a tip-off about a “Satanic” group that had traveled to Abbasabad ostensibly as tourists. In a surprise operation, police detained the group, who reportedly displayed Satanic symbols.

The identities and exact detention location of the arrested individuals have not been disclosed. Recovered from the scene were various alcoholic beverages and drugs. The detainees now face legal proceedings.

This incident adds to ongoing criticisms of Iran’s regime for its intrusive practices into the private lives of its citizens and violations of privacy rights.