Latest Developments on Baha’i Citizen Mina Karami’s Legal Situation

Baha’i citizen Mina Karami continues to serve her five-year prison term in Adelabad prison after the Appellate Court of Fars Province, influenced by the Ministry of Intelligence, recently rejected her request to complete her sentence outside prison with a monitoring ankle device.

A source close to Karami’s family has confirmed to HRANA the repeated denials of Karami’s release requests. Additionally, the Supreme Court rejected her plea for a retrial.

On April 13, 2021, security forces raided Karami’s residence, conducted a search, and subsequently summoned and interrogated her at the Ministry of Intelligence detention facility known as House No. 100. She was later released on bail.

In August-September 2022, the Revolutionary Court of Shiraz, presided over by Seyed-Mahmood Sadati, found Karami guilty of “engaging in education and propaganda activities against Islamic Sharia,” resulting in a five-year imprisonment, a fine, social restrictions for ten years, and a two-year ban from leaving the country. This verdict was upheld on appeal.

On February 13, 2024, security forces arrested her in Shiraz and transferred her to Adelabad Prison to commence serving her sentence.

Mohammad Davari Released from Adel-Abad Prison in Shiraz

On Thursday, October 29, workers’ rights activist Mohammad Davari was released by a guarantor from Adel-Abad Prison in Shiraz.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, Ministry of Intelligence forces arrested Mohammad Davari in Shiraz  on October 2, 2019, and transferred him to the detention center known as House No. 100 at the disposal of the intelligence ministry.

Thereafter, security forces searched his house and confiscated some of his belongings including books and written notes. After successive interrogations in the detention center, on January 11, 2020, Davari was relocated to Adel-Abad Prison. From there Davari was released on bail of 1.5 billion tomans temporarily, until the end of the legal proceedings.

In April 2020, the Revolutionary Court of Shiraz, headed by judge Seyed Mahmood Sadati, sentenced Davari to seven years and six months imprisonment on a charge of “membership in one of opposition political parties” and one year in prison on a charge of “propaganda against the regime”.

This verdict was reduced to three years and nine months in prison by Branch 1 of the Court of Appeal of Fars Province. Grounded on Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code, a severest punishment of two years and nine months for both charges is enforceable.

On December 16, 2020, Davari appeared at the executive unit of the General Court to endure his prison sentence in Adel Abad Prison.

Davari has a graduate degree in civil engineering from Islamic Azad University and is a masters student of Political Science at Shiraz Golestan University.

He had previously faced other arrests and convictions due to his civil activities. In one case, he was arrested following the death of Hashemi Rafsanjani when he pulled down a banner bearing Rafsanjani’s photo. He was later released on bail.

On September 9 of this year, the court granted Davari release by a guarantor. Despite providing a guarantor by his family, he was not released. Instead, without informing his family and lawyer, he was secretly relocated from Adel-Abad prison to a solitary confinement cell in the detention center of the intelligence ministry where he faced news charges. Two days later, he was sent back to Adel-Abad prison. Just a few hours after his relocation, he was denied having phone calls. Nearly two months later, Davari has finally been released.