HRANA’s Daily Review of Protests in Iran

On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, at least five protests took place in Iran.

The workers of Agro-Industry Complex Karoon held a protest at their workplace. The workers said that unlike promises made during the last negotiation, their demands have not yet been addressed.

The firefighters in Karaj City gathered in front of the Municipality to protest against their poor living conditions, unpaid wages and benefits including extra pay for working night shifts.

For the second consecutive day, the workers of the vegetable oil company Jahan held a protest in front of the Ministry of Labour in Zanjan. The Factory managers have laid off 60 out of 85 workers due to financial issues.

In Shiraz, a group of working and retired workers of the vegetable oil company Narges protested against low wages and their poor living conditions. The protestors said that the factory directors sell the factory amenities, lands and machinery for their own profit.

A number of citizens who have been victims of the fraudulent activities of two car dealership companies Pars and Karma demonstrated before the company to ask for the apprehension of two fugitives company managers.