Trial Commences for Twelve Women’s Rights Advocates at Revolutionary Court in Rasht

The Revolutionary Court of Rasht initiated the trial of twelve women’s rights advocates on February 29, 2024. The individuals facing charges include Forough Saminia, Sara Jahani, Zahra Dadras, Yasamin Hashdari, Shiva Shah Sia, Negin Rezaie, Vahedeh Khoshsirat, Azadeh Chavoshian, Zohreh Dadras, Matin Yazdani, Hooman Taheri, and Jelveh Javaheri.

Presided over by Judge Mehdi Rasekhi, the first nine women were charged with “membership in a group, assembly, and collusion to act against national security.” Meanwhile, Mr Taheri and Ms Javaheri face charges related to “forming groups to act against national security.”

These individuals were among those detained during a mass arrest of citizens in Gilan Province on August 16 and 17, 2023. Subsequently, they were released on bail from Lakan Prison in Rasht in the following days, pending the conclusion of legal proceedings.

Additional Four Individuals Detained in Gilan Province

In a recent development on Wednesday, August 16, security forces apprehended Shiva Shah Siah, Vahedeh Khoshsirat, Hooman Taheri, and Sara Jahani in Gilan Province.

This event follows HRANA’s report of the arrest of seven women’s rights activists on the same day within the province.

Khoshsirat and Shah Siah, both advocates for women’s rights, were taken into custody in Lahijan. Meanwhile, Mr. Taheri and Mrs. Jahani were apprehended separately in Rasht.

The precise reasons underlying their detentions, their current locations, and the specific charges brought against them all remain undisclosed at this juncture.