Tens of Turk activists have been arrested in Ahar

HRANA News Agency – At least 50 citizens and Turk ethnic activists who had attended on the international mother tongue day’s gathering, have been arrested.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), tens of civil and political activists who had gathered on mother tongue day, in Akbar Abolzadeh’s house, have been arrested by intelligence service forces.
Detainees are transferred to an unknown location and name of some veteran activists like Abbas Lesani could be seen among them.
It is said that number of detainees is more than 50 but there is no information about the identity of them.
The names of some of those detainees are as below:
Vahid Kiak Sar Faez Pour, Rouzbeh Saadati, Fardin Moradpour, Asghar Akbarzadeh, Rahim Gholami, Vahid Nariman, Mohammad Rahmani Far, Adel Marandi, Moharam Khorsha, Jafar Rostami, Mir Yasin Hoseini, Mousa Chologhli, Sajad Jolani, Meysam Joulani, Vahid Zarei, Ibrahim Savalan, Abbas Lesani, Israfil Fathollahzadeh, Akbar Aboulzadeh, Hossein Balakhani, Abbas Balakhani, Alireza Bidar, Shapour Nosratpour, Asghar Naderi, Mehdi Zanjir Balaghi, Beitollah Barzegar, Hamed Sadeghi, Nima Abbaspour, Sajjad Khalilnexhad, Mohammad Akhuni, Siyamak Mardani, Morteza Ghodrati, Afshin Mohammadi, Sajad Khoshghadam, Babak ALizadeh, Ahad Hosseizadeh, Saei Masoumniya, Aydin Neshati, Tohid Rezaei, Ali Feizpour, Jalal dorougari, Rahman koleybari, Saeid Khazar, Arash Jafari, Ibrahim Nouri, Saeid Anvarizadeh, Vahid Yousefian, Abbas Sobh Moulayi and Ouzgoor Banayi.

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