Three Executions Postponed In Bandar Abbas

HRANA News Agency – Three death–row prisoners who were taken to solitary confinement to be sent to execution chamber were given extra time by the families of the victims. These three prisoners were sent back to their Wards after the families consent to postpone their execution.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA),  on Tuesday 09 September, 2014 three death-row prisoners ( two from the Youth Ward and 1 from Ward 4)  were transferred to solitary confinement cells to be prepared for execution. However, they were sent back to their wards after the families of victims agreed to provide them with a time extension. The chance was given to them so they could attempt further negotiations with the families of victims to ask for mercy.

In case these prisoners failed in receiving a pardon from the families of victims, they will be executed after the extended deadline.

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