Three kids died in a mortar explosion in Soosangerd

HRANA News Agency – Explosion of a mortar in Mara’i village of Soosangerd killed three kids. Also last winter in Larak island two kids has been killed by sea-mine.


One of parliamentarians declared a while ago that after Iran-Iraq war yearly 200 have been killed by mine explosions. During the eight years of Iran-Iraq war more than 20 millions of various types of mine and explosives have dispersed in an area around 42 thousands square kilometers in five provinces -West Azerbayejan, Kurdistan, Ilam, Kermanshah and Khouzestan.


Exploded mortar in Mara’i of Soosangerd  resulted to three dead kids.


According to Rahiab news website, two brothers Mehdi and Morteza with their cousin Javad were going to play in the soccer gridiron of the village and found a strange piece but they did not know that this is a mortar left from Iran-Iraq war.


Three kids were started playing with the strange metal piece in the soccer gridiron that abruptly an explosion happened in gridiron. According to the witnesses the intensity of explosion was too high as it was heard clearly from very far away of where explosion happened and the blast pieces hit some of the near-by houses.


Mehdi and Morteza Sayahian the 7 and 9 years old kids died immediately and their cousin Javad  passed away after 20 hours in hospital.

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