Three released, 16 arrested and interrogated in string of crackdowns across northwestern Iran

Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) – Three detained residents of Kermanshah, Paveh, and Marivan have been released on bail. In Oshnavieh, Kamyaran, Ravansar, Urmia, and Marivan, at least 16 individuals were arrested on charges of membership in Kurdish opposition parties.
According to the Center for Democracy and Human Rights of Kurdistan, on Sunday, August 6, 2018, Amir Hossein Darabi, a news correspondent from Kermanshah, was released on a bail of approximately $1,900 USD. Security forces had arrested Darabi Tuesday, June 26th for “criticizing officials of the Islamic Republic” by “investing and squandering money in countries like Yemen”.
Meanwhile in Marivan, Atta Fatahi, who had been arrested on July 11th for “cooperating with one of the Kurdish opposition parties,” was released on bail after 25 days of detention.
Soran Ahmadi from Paveh province had been arrested on the same charges on July 12th. He posted bail and was released Saturday, August 11th.
The same charge would also be the cause of more detentions on August 4th in Oshnavieh, where the Intelligence Office arrested Yousef Ahmadi from Tajoddinabad, Kurosh Azizi from Qarehsoghol, Mansour Omarzadeh from Dashtibil, Maqdir Mohammadzad from Singan village, and Abu Bakr Minapak from Sujeh.
In Urmia, Anzal resident Mohsen Alipour was arrested by security forces and transferred to an undisclosed location on charges of “propagating in favor of Kurdish opposition parties.”
A few days ago, plainclothes Kamyaran intelligence forces arrested two individuals — Farouk Mohammadi from Shahu village and Rahim Khateri from Shirvaneh village — for “contacting Kurdish opposition parties.” They were transferred to an undisclosed location.
Last week, Bagher Safari, 60, was summoned and interrogated at the Intelligence Office of Ravansar province.
In the first week of August, several more were arrested following inspections of their homes, according to numerous reports from Marivan: Mohammad Mamlekati, Mohammad Irankhah, and Mohammad Hosseini from Dari village; Osman Delaoviz and Mohammad Karami from Gouveizeh Kaviri village; Akbar Samadi and Jamal Ebrahimi from Marivan.

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