Three Sunni Prisoners Executed in Zahedan

Three Sunni Prisoners Executed in Zahedan

The chief of Justice of Sistan and Baluchestan Province announced on November 13 the execution of three Sunni prisoners in Zahedan.

The individuals, Mohammad-Karim Barakzai Akson (28), Mohammad Brahui Anjomani (28), and Edris Bilrani (31), were convicted of “spreading corruption on earth” and engaging in what the Zahedan Revolutionary Court labeled as “terrorist acts.”

The chief justice disclosed that the Supreme Court had upheld their death sentences after dismissing their appeals twice on grounds of “ineligibility.”

The trio had been detained by security forces in August-September 2020 on charges of being involved with anti-regime groups and were held in Zahedan Prison. After spending 18 months in detention, they were sentenced to 15 years for “membership in a rebellious group” and received the death penalty for “spreading corruption on earth through involvement in terrorist acts.”

According to the chief justice, the verdict implicated the individuals in various actions, including “destruction of public property, smuggling bomb-making equipment, and attempting to explode a police patrol vehicle, resulting in injuries to several police officers.”

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