“They Took our Comrade in front of our Eyes.” Mohammad Abdollahi’s Cellmates Talk

HRANA News Agency – Cellmates of Mohammad Abdollahi, a political prisoner who was hanged last week in Uremia Prison, with a glimmer of hope were waiting to see their cellmate, after his execution was denied by the provincial authorities, however, they and his family believed that they would never see him again by official confirmation of his execution.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the last people who have seen Mohammad Abdollahi told HRANA that on Sunday at 8:20 a.m. they took Mohammad Abdollahi from the ward.

Two political prisoners, Ahmed Tamoie and Saeed Sangar were exercising in the yard when the prison director, Mr. Bairamizadeh asked them: “Why do not you go to the gym to exercise? And they answered the gym opens late and till then we are done.”

During this conversation, Mohammad Abdollahi entered the yard from the ward. Mr. Bairamizadeh asked him: “Why don’t you exercise?” Mohammad Abdollahi answered: “I walk here since the yard opens at 7 am to 11 am and it is a kind of sport.”

Bairamizadeh pointed him and told “Mohammed come along, I have a word with you.” They went to the corridor and closed the door. The prisoners say: “They took our friend in front of our eyes.”

Prisoner’s narrative does not end here, they got more worried when they received cheek humor messages of Mohammad Abdollahi from solitary confinement. He had send short messages in the form of satire and humor for his friends.

One of the cellmates of Mr. Abdollahi told that he sent a message from solitary confinement that: “It was a pity because I would win backgammon tonight.”

Saman Naseem was another prisoner who received a short message of Mohammad Abdollahi from solitary confinement: “Saman do not envy, your turn is coming up!” prisoners tell these with tears.

The other inmate, who is a member of the armed forces received the message from Mr. Abdollahi, He says in the last minute he had received humorous message from solitary confinement: “Mr. …., it was a pity that I have to die; otherwise I would have seen probably your execution in the ward.”

And the last person who could receive a message from Mohamed Abdullahi was Osman Mostafapour, another political prisoner and his ward mate, “Mr. Osman I would like to know if you could finally release the pigeon that sits between the roofs of the gym.”

These were the last signs of life, Mohammad Abdullahi, a young political prisoner whose lawyer had told HRANA previously: “My client was never treated legally and justly. There are many things wrong with his case.”

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