“I Have Been Tortured”: Ayatollah Nekounam

HRANA News Agency – Ayatollah Mohammadreza Nekounam, imprisoned cleric, has described his Sharia and legal rights violations in different stages of judicial ladder in a lawsuit. He mentioned the torture and pressure for confessions. This instructor of Madrasa, also registered a lawsuit against Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, who is considered to be one of the main advocators of his arrest.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Ayatollah Mohammadreza Nakoonam, critic cleric who was arrested by the intelligence in 2014, after criticizing some of the clergies about issuing a Fatwa to ban high speed internet.
Mohammadreza Nakoonam in a lawsuit has mentioned his stroke by submitting forensic documents and warned the judge about the consequences of his imprisonment.
He wrote a letter to the principal of prison and head of cleric court and informed them about the harassments during 60 days of interrogations which resulted in his high blood pressure, high density of sugar, and fat in blood, malnutrition, narrowing of the eye socket, heavy tongue, impaired vision, complete mental stress, tremors and stiffness of the limbs, which might have resulted in his death.
Mr. Nakoonam in another letter to special prosecutor of clergies, Mr. Mojtahedzadeh stated that security forces had seized the money in his office and a considerable amount of the money is missing, and asked him to investigate the matter.
When he received no answer, he registered a lawsuit and submitted his documents to special prosecutor office of clergies, and asked for an immediate response.
This Madrasa instructor wrote in a part of his lawsuit to Qom prosecutor that he had been the victim of physical and mental tortures and he has signed some documents forcefully which are invalid.
The mentioned unlawful actions inside the lawsuits are:
Qom prosecutor’s representatives has raided my house without any prior notice, summon or court order, and for few hours vandalized it, broke the doors, seized my hand wiring articles, books, money, personal accessories and belongings like computer, lap top, cell phone, and also deeds that I was given as trustee. They behaved like I was a murderer and caused fear and embarrassment for my family, while the prosecution is supposed to protect people from harm. I have thought for 50 years and am considered as a prominent instructor of Madrasa, supervising about 500 students and published more than 800 articles, and even according to some of the officers, most of them have been in my classes, and no Sharia and civil law would permit such a behavior.
During 56 days in solitary confinement:
a)     I have never had court hearing and I did not know why I was arrested. All of the questions were intended to get confession in order to find an excuse for my arrest, despite the fact that I was sick and interrogations sometimes took more than 10 hours. It is obvious that it is mandated by law that for the arrest, enough evidences need to be available.
b)     Mental torture driven by continuous irrelevant questioning and putting under pressure, and also malnutrition and stress that was very harmful for me and resulted in stroke, that is confirmed by inside and out of prison physicians and forensic, despite many requests for special doctor. This is while I was Ok before the arrest.
c)     Some people that may have any type of relationship with me were arrested and put under pressure, by conditioning their freedom on suing me.
d)     These are what has happened to me who has always been an independent person and has no connection with anybody, and for more than 50 years has served the revolution and Imam by disciplining people who are now working in regime. These unfair behaviors are carried out to destroy my reputation. The prosecutor, Mr. Mojtahedzadeh has said, “I was talking to someone and he said ‘destroy him.’”, and also I was told, “we will do something that you leave the country”.
He has mentioned in another section of his letter, “Qom prosecutor has fabricated a case himself and said it in a speech about the theosophy between students, in a way that students complained and disrupted and halted the speech, and there is a video footage of it available. How the prosecutor could discuss a case between students, before it is even processed?”
Need to be mentioned that after ayatollah Makarem Shirazi banned high speed internet due to “possibility of video call and corruption”, Ayatollah Nekounam in an interview with one of Iranian press said, “We cannot close the eye of people and society”.
Mr. Nekounam has registered another lawsuit against Makarem Shirazi that has had no result yet.
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